Woonerf Inc. provides green building consulting and sustainable landscape management services to help our clients improve their environmental performance, occupants' well-being and public perception of environmental, social and corporate governance while securing economic benefits.

OUR SERVICES - Green Building Consulting and LEED Certification

LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is a globally recognized set of rating systems, which certifies green buildings for their excellent environmental performance. LEED was originally developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), but owing to its technical soundness and ease of use has rapidly spread over 150 countries worldwide.
Woonerf is a member of USGBC and our team of LEED Accredited Professionals provides comprehensive support to ensure that projects achieve LEED certification.

We provide the following green building consulting services:
- LEED feasibility study:
We assess your project's potential to obtain LEED certification and determine which level and version of LEED is the most appropriate.

- LEED certification consulting:
We provide the full spectrum of consulting services to assist you in obtaining LEED certification for various types of projects:
・New buildings and spaces: LEED NC (New Construction), LEED CS (Core & Shell), LEED CI (Commercial Interiors);
・Existing buildings: LEED EBOM (Existing Building Operation and Maintenance), LEED CI (Commercial Interiors);
・Neighborhood: LEED ND (Neighborhood Development).

-Green buildings and urban development research:
We carry out multiple research projects, including comparative analysis of certification systems (LEED, CASBEE, BREEAM, and Green Star), assessment tools design, case studies, etc.

OUR SERVICES – Landscape Design and Maintenance

Woonerf offers landscape design solutions that match your needs and expectations. Our environmentally sustainable designs focus on biodiversity preservation, efficient water use strategies and hassle-free maintenance. These criteria are tuned with LEED requirements and will help you to get credits, necessary for LEED certification.

Woonerf provides landscape maintenance for a single building project or a group of buildings, ensuring uniformity and equally high standards across your building portfolio. Our web-based landscape management tools provide instant updates on the condition of managed landscapes.

Principal's Message

Our vision is to promote sustainable urban environment and to make our cities greener, more walkable and comfortable for all citizens. We strive to reduce human impact on environment and be responsible stewards of natural resources in order to secure healthy legacy for next generations. We commit to continuous work in close association with various stakeholders to ensure constantly improving quality of building stock and regional ecology. We aim at spreading Japanese experience in creating comfortable spaces around the world, using the common language of international certifications. We aspire to develop a new market based on green building innovations and technologies, and make a positive impact by generating meaningful and rewarding jobs in environmental sector.

Hiramatsu, Hiroki

Founder & CEO
Founding Co-Chair, Green Building Japan (Group of LEED Professional Group in Japan)
USGBC Faculty (accredited LEED Instructor)
First-class Landscape Planning and Management Engineer
Part-time Lecturer at Kyoto University of Art and Design
CASBEE Real Estate Assessment Accredited Professional

Hiroki Hiramatsu was born in Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka Prefecture. He graduated from Osaka University of Foreign Studies in 1984 and started his career at the securities company. After devoting almost 20 years to financial industry, Hiroki left Merrill Lynch, where he was heading Fixed Income Division, and switched his professional focus to landscape design and green building industry. In 2006, after gaining experience at NPO Japanese Xeriscape Design Association, Hiroki established Woonerf (formerly known as CSR Design & Landscape Inc.). Hiroki continues to promote sustainable urban renovation through integrating green building concepts and landscape design, blending it with green economy and financial system.

Committee membership and participation:
-2012 Agusut - present.
The Chairman of Working Group: The Committee for 21-st Century Green Real Estate based on Financial Conduct Principles (Ministry of Environment)
-2010 May – present
Member of Japanese Sustainable Architecture Assocciation – a Subcommittee for the Study of CASBEE Real Estate Assessment.
-2013 April - present
Member of Japanese Architecture Institute – a Subcommittee for Sustainable Building Assessment Indicators
-2009 April – present
Member of Steering Committee - SIF-Japan (NPO Japan Sustainable Investment Forum)
Member of a Study Group on the Role of Real Estate Market for Environment (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism).

Presentations and publications:
Co-author of “Sustainable Real Estate” (2009), published by Gyosei, Co.ltd.
Hiroki Hiramatsu is an active lecturer and author of many articles and publications.

Koyama, Nobuaki

Auditor - Secretary, Green Building Japan (Group of LEED Professional Group in Japan)
CPA - Inactive

Nobuaki Koyama was born in Kanagawa prefecture. After graduating from Meiji University with degree in Economics in 1988, he started his career at Manufacturers Hanover Securities Company, Tokyo branch. Later he worked for Merril Lynch, where he gained rich experience in debt managemet, securitization of commercial facilities, J-REIT and private placement funds management.
From the middle of 2000-s Nobuaki gradually started to gain interest in green building industry. In 2010, after conducting a research for MLIT on Responsible Property Investment, he joined Hiroki Hiramatsu at Woonerf (former CSR Design & Landscape Inc.) and became an indispensible member of the team. Nobuaki now works on urban scenery and landscape design, LEED consulting, finanical and administrative management.

Committee membeship and participation:
-2012 – present
Member of Subcommittee on CASBEE Tenant Office Study.

Presentations and publications:
Article “Property investment: environmental attitudes of overseas investors”, published in BELCA News No 139, July 2012.
Author of other numerous publications.

Yasuhara, Noriko

Chief Operations Officer (COO) & Chief Consultant

A Tokyo native Noriko Yasuhara studied Information Science at Tokyo Institute of Technology. While being a student she already displayed a deep interest in garden design and flower arrangement for commercial spaces. During 8 years of child-rearing, she noticed changes in urban environment, especially the decline of green spaces and lack of playground parks, and realized the negative impacts it had on children and younger generations. This motivated Noriko to take Landscape Design Course at Kyoto University of Art and Design, which she successfully completed in 2007.
Now Noriko is Chief Consultant at Woonerf and oversees multiple LEED certification projects. She hopes that her work contributes to sustainable urban development and creation of healthy environment for next generations.

Company Profile
Corporate name: Woonerf Inc.
President: Hiramatsu, Hiroki
Capital stock: JPY 22 million
Year of Foundation: 3 April 2006
Office address: Seibundo Bldg. 2F, 4-3-26, Kudan-kita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073 Japan
Tel: +81-(0)3-5213-4832
Fax: +81-(0)3-5213-4451